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Although provision is made for women to access abortion if medical professionals and/or a court determine a pregnancy poses serious harm to the woman in question, there are, says Pullen, three barriers to access that remain in the way. The first one is the legal barrier, she says, Since court rulings on this issue in the 1970s, no ones been charged or convicted with administering or purveying an abortion. But you only need one activist police commissioner for that to end ... and were due for a whole new set of police commissioners here. What this means is women seeking doctor home loan rate Oak Laurel 0430129662 oaklaurel.com.au terminations are obliged into seeking referrals, as well as administrative and physical access to clinics that will perform surgical procedures. The second barrier is geography, Pullen explains, Vast swathes of regional New South Wales have no accessible local services at the one regional clinic in Albury, women patients have been subjected to notorious levels of harassment by anti-choice picketers. The third barrier, she says, is resourcing. There are no public hospitals that officially offer abortion services in this state, says Pullen, there are only private clinics. New South Wales has some of the biggest public hospitals in Australia, with excellent ob/gyn doctors and services, but as they dont get public funds to perform abortions, theyre more or less obliged to refer patients to the Marie Stopes clinic across the road. Its not the only obstruction women face for meeting their healthcare needs. We could also consider the stigma, the stalking and the public harassment that women endure when theyre accessing these services as a fourth barrier, says Pullen. Women outside clinics often face a line of people with graphic and inaccurate signs theyre handed plastic foetuses by protestors, told they are going to hell and shouted at by fanatics. We dont have an exclusion zone bill like they do in Victoria, although Penny Sharpe in the NSW upper house is fighting to get one through. The situation is similarly dire in Queensland, says Kate Marsh, the spokesperson for Children by Choice in Queensland. The geography of that enormous state combines with its archaic legislation to seriously limit womens access to abortion providers, whether surgical or medicinal.

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